We simply believe that business benchmarking is an effective way of understanding culture and only channeled Communication is a concept of a great value in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Caffeine’s standalone innovative strategy places us on a very short list of businesses that have stayed the course through the good and especially the more difficult times, unceasing the success founded by our vision of blending creativity with innovation.

As Alan Kay said that “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” and in Caffeine’s innovative kitchen; we create the future of marketing through customized solutions understanding the domain of various Industries and knowing that communication is a message that needs to be comprehended through all human senses to remain exquisite in its market positioning and ROI Performance.

Leadership best describes our employees of your tomorrow and our organization is a family, based on its people. We believe in investing in people: strengthening our core capabilities is a necessary and wise investment. This policy is reinforced through all the Al Salam Investment Group of companies.


Aynour Al Hussein

Founder and CEO

“Join us as we look forward to another century of innovative marketing evolution to go beyond the capabilities of our present digital age.”