Corporate Social Responsibility

Caffeine creates unique Identity caffeine is a company of Innovation that seeks to grow within and through the community and we believe great organizations lead successful communities through serving the society and humanity in the best way we could.
We also follow the wise and dynamic leadership of the rulers and the government of the UAE which stimulates our contribution towards professional growth and development of our country through our wide range of CSR programs and complying with the UAE Vision of 2021:

  • Confident and socially responsible Emirati
  • Safe and secure nation
  • Potential of National human capital
  • Sustainable and diversified economy
  • Knowledge-based nation
  • Well-preserved natural environment


(To give)
“To give” as a part of Caffeine’s CSR program we commit to give the 10% of the company’s profit to various charity projects under the Patronage of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and HH Sheikh Mohammad Rashid.
(My marketing)
“My marketing” as a Marketing, Advertising and Events Company, Caffeine will be extending its services to support marketing start-up companies that are deserving of our aid.
(To enlighten)
“To enlighten” Caffeine will also extend its services to support Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities through various marketing, advertising and events activities as needed by the said organization.
(For her)
“For her” another CSR Program of Caffeine will be specially dedicated to the women. To assist and provide women entrepreneurs with the appropriate knowledge and diversity for their business.

In Caffeine we hope those we help will “Pay it forward” one day and help others in need to create a butterfly effect of virtue for the development of our future generation and innovation driven economies.

” We choose to lead by example to tell our story of Humanity and Social Development so come and join us in this journey “